Month: January 2016

Super Cook Sunday

Someone once asked, “What are you terrible at, that you enjoy doing anyway?” Pretty much that’s me and cooking. I like to cook, but I still have to look up the instructions on hard boiling an egg. Every 4th or 5th dish has to be thrown out, it’s so bad. No, I don’t generally “experiment” with recipes, but try to follow them. But more importantly, most of the food works out, and I enjoy blasting through and getting a few weeks worth of lunches for the office, or a couple of dinners. This Sunday was one of my “super cook Sundays”.

Onion, Red Pepper and Garlic Pasta in Marinara Sauce

No, I don’t make pasta or marinara sauce from scratch. Didn’t I just tell you I am a terrible cook? It’s way easier out of a jar. I just added a bit extra, that’s all. Did I mention most of my photos are blurry too? I blame my eyes. Stupid eyes. A jar of marinara sauce (some was missing because it makes an excellent dip for mozzarella sticks!), a box of pasta and a few veggies, and voila! Nine lunch-sized servings.



Chicken Teriyaki with Snow Peas and Rice

Used some of the lemon pepper chicken thighs I made last week, and my own version of this teriyaki sauce recipe (who has sesame oil around?) , threw in some raw snow peas and put everything on a bed of rice. I added an extra 1/2 teaspoon of honey to sweeten it up. And yes, I only had creamed honey so whatever whatever. Eleven lunches based on 8 cups of rice!



Blueberry Banana Bread

I am probably supposed to use fresh blueberries, but I used frozen, and just “folded” them into the mix right before putting it in the bread pan. I don’t think they are in the original recipe, so the bread is quite moist (which is okay with us!) Will have a slice soon, then cut slices, wrap and freeze them for, you guessed it, lunches.



You know what’s for dinner tonight? The Winterlicious menu at Cafe California, that’s what! The Lobster Mac and Cheese,  Filet Mignon with Mushroom Brandy Sauce and Warm Chocolate Brownie are waiting!

Soak my rice for 30 minutes first?

no thanks, I am already in a committed relationship 

Our favourite Starbucks barista

Ryan our fave Starbucks barista

Of all of the Starbucks baristas we know who are going for their Masters degree in Sexuality and Gender Identity, Ryan is definitely our favourite.

Cake out of a box 

Watching some dumb ass Bigfoot show while eating cake out of a box, made in ramekins. Living the high life!


Trying to weigh the cat

We tried on a human scale.. .She is 6.2 lbs. 

Most Canadian 

I was looking at a Tom Thomson painting in “Winter” by Pierre Berton while lying under a fleece blanket. Too bad I had no maple syrup beside me… 


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