It seems like after some fights, it’s harder to get back up. Like the hits you takeĀ in the fights build up over time, like the pain accumulates. Like you need to rest your weary spirit and then figure out a way to stand up again for the next fight. Huh.

Life is a strange and wonderful thing, isn’t it? I was thinking about how sometimes we women, the ones who fight and lose and fight and win and fight and damnit I’m tired can we call it a draw, we forget how REALLY FREAKING STRONG we are. And then, then sometimes, I am reminded me of what it is to live with a heart full of love, of the power of women and the beauty of the different kinds of strength we have without thinking much about it.

Well, that’s okay. As the saying goes, you should see the other guy.

Yes, strange and wonderful indeed to be reminded we are way more awesome than we realize in this world. So on behalf of women – and since I am a woman I can speak on our behalf, but not on behalf of others (who can speak for themselves) – I want to thank creativity, art, passion, loss, love, growth and the ability to start again. From the bottom of my heart, for sticking around when I kicked you to the curb, when I painted over paintings, when I threw out photographs, when I lost my way, thank you for sticking around, for giving back, for letting me lose everything and then letting me dream about you, and coming back.

Time to start again.