I create using many media. Most of the artwork you see here are digital creations, explorations of energy and light. I use both IRL and digital tools to create. Since Andy Warhol first painted Debbie Harry on an Amiga computer in 1985 using a digital photograph, I have been in love with the computer as a creative medium. Inspired, my first computer was an Amiga, and I learned of fractal art and painting. While I use the most suitable medium for the work I am doing, I will always hold digital art deep within my heart.

  • "Every canvas is a new beginning, an opportunity to say something new and different. Every choice of colour, every mix of the paint, every stroke itself is a new beginning, and chance to create and a chance to change what is already there. Every work is a beginning. Again."
    Sue Molyneaux
  • "Never stop experiencing your creativity."
    Sue Molyneaux
  • "Whether you work best in a tree house or a whorehouse, you should always work in a place where you get the inspiration you want and the time you need to create."
    Sue Molyneaux
  • "Sometimes I wave hello at snowflakes."
    Sue Molyneaux

My work says a lot about me.
I never settle.

Lomography, photography, acrylics, digital, video, spoken word, written word. From classic portraits to abstract colour fields, from instant photos to sci-fi novels, I never let my creativity become complacent. I never settle. Why should you?

Art Shows

  • Cancer
  • Inside is Out - New York City 2013
  • Photographs - S. Walter Stewart, 2012
  • Badenhound - 2011
  • Paris in Yorkville - 2011
  • The Seven Deadly Sins - The Beverley Owens Project 2010

If you love them, I will paint them.
I paint love.

Specializing in portraits and pets, I paint affordable commissioned portraits from your digital or print photographs.


Read a book. Change your life.

Read my books. I sell my books digitally, accessibly, through Amazon and iTunes.
Read someone else's books.
Just read.

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  • Very Happy Clients
  • Time spent worrying
  • Time spent drinking and laughing